October 29, 2006 --

SDA Church Broadens its Attack on Web Sites

The Seventh-day Adventist Corporation has engaged in legal action to force Elder Mark Martin to relinquish his domain SDAOutreach.org. Elder Greg Taylor reports in a recent e-mail:

The Seventh-day Adventist church has been going all out to try to stop websites that are devoted to sharing Biblical New Covenant concepts with former or questioning Seventh-day Adventists. People checking into Adventism through their outreach efforts have been going online and discovering some of these issues and seeing some of the theological problems in the SDA church. The church wants to put a halt to this free access to information. In the official Church sites and publications, issues with Ellen White are often downplayed and the theological problems kept out of sight. They are concerned that people are getting information they would rather keep secret. Because of this, the SDA denomination has been actively pursuing legal means to get the alternative sites shut down. The SDA church has been taking legal action against any site that has SDA or Adventist in the name.

They cannot, however, legally go after those that say “former” or “ex” before the word. Because of the law suit treats, SDAoutreach, a site run by my friend Mark Martin and Calvary Community Church has been forced to take on a new name. Their heart to reach out to SDAs comes from a deep desire to share the love of Jesus to those caught in sectarianism. They have a deep love for the Lord and a deep desire to share the good news of the New Covenant. Please pray for them as they continue to minister. Also click on their new website. www.exadventist.com to see what they have to share. I would encourage you to click on this site a few times a day for a while so that Google and other search engines will move them up on the list for those searching for answers. Please feel free to send this information along to your friends and contacts. As people make decisions, it is important that they have all the facts, not just those endorsed by the official SDA system. Please keep their ministry in prayer and pray for those searching for truth that God will open their hearts and bring them to the joy of knowing Him. Blessings to you all!

Brother Anderson commented:

Welcome to the new SDA Church! They used to fear persecution from others. Now they engage in it! Can you believe it? That's not the SDA Church I grew up in. The leaders back then had a respect for the beliefs of others, even if they didn't agree with them. I never heard of Catholic lawyers paid with tithe money or lawsuits when I was growing up. Back then they settled affairs like Christians. Sorry folks, those days are long gone. The corporate leaders of the Church appear to have taken a page out of Scientology's play-book. Flush with billions of dollars of tithe money and a fleet of corporate lawyers, the new SDA Church is walking around looking for a fight to pick, looking for the little guy they can stomp on. Is that what God called this church to do? Stomp on anyone who does not cave in to them?

I strenuously object to this kind of sensless bullying of an online ministry by a corporate giant that seems to have lost touch with what it means to be Christian. Elder Martin has owned that web site close to a decade. I know Elder Martin as a kind and thoughtful person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. The attack on Elder Martin, based upon a trivial technicality, a silly pretense, is wholly unjustified.

The real motive behind this attack is apparent to anyone who understands the Internet. A web site that has been around a long time, such as Elder Martin's, builds up a lot of web traffic over the years. Thousands of people link to the site from their own sites, the search engines recognize that, and that is the way traffic to the web site is built up over many years. By forcing Elder Martin to change his name, the SDA Corporation has effectively stolen that traffic away, and forced him to build again from nothing. It could take years of effort for his web site to recover where it was before. I imagine the corporate SDA leaders are sitting up in their ivory tower, laughing all the way to the bank over this one. This is a victory in their effort to stifle the resistance.

One thing has been acheived by this campaign: The whole world now sees the mean, ugly side of Adventism.

ellenwhiteexposed.com would ask that you pray for all of those on the front lines:

Calvary Community Church (Elder Mark Martin)
Life Assurance Ministries (Elder Dale Ratzlaff)
One Flock Ministries (Elder Greg Taylor)
Truth or Fables
Ellen White Research Project

There are many others we have not listed and a number of new websites now under construction.

We believe truth can stand the test of investigation and we should never be afraid of the facts. These sites have hundreds of pages of factual material that should be considered by all Seventh-day Adventists, transitioning Adventists and former Adventists.

This will work out for the truth. God works ALL things together for good to those who love him!!