The Latest Ellen White Research

Electrical Currents in Nerves (Feb. 2007) - Was Mrs. White really years ahead of science? Evidence shows Mrs. White was at least 50 years behind science on this subject.

The Avondale Furrow Tale (Jan. 2007) - The Avondale furrow has been cited as a prime example of how God worked through Mrs. White to guide the SDA Church. What are the true facts in this case?

Open Letter to Jud Lake (Nov. 2006) - Elder Dale Ratzlaff responds to a recent presentation made by Professor Jud Lake in which Lake makes various allegations against those investigating the claims of Ellen White.

Open Letter to Clifford Goldstein (Oct. 2006) Eduardo Martinez-Rancaño, in this 47-page open letter to SDA author Clifford Goldstein, addresses the SDA Sanctuary teaching as found in the 3rd Quarter 2006 SDA Sabbath School Quarterly. Important reading for anyone interested in the Biblical truth on this subject. [PDF]

The Diet of Speyer (Oct. 2006) Have you ever wondered why when Ellen White traces the history of the "true followers" in the Great Controversy she ignores the Anabaptists and the Sabbath-keeping Seventh-day Baptists, and instead focuses on Sunday-keeping churches? Could it be because the SDA Church traces its history from William Miller and others who came out of those same Sunday-keeping churches? German author Dieter Heimke raises some interesting questions in this article.

The Interdicts of 1411 and 1412 (Sep. 2006) German author Dieter Heimke exposes yet another historical error in Ellen White's epic book, The Great Controversy - a book said to have originated in "visions" from God.

Kindred Prophetess (Aug. 2006) - This page explores some intriguing parallels between the life and activities of prophetess Ellen G. White and prophetess Maria B. Woodworth-Etter.

Ellen G. White -- The Myth and the Truth (May 2006) Well-documented book written by Asumnd Kaspersen in 1999. This book separates the facts from the fiction showing Ellen G. White was not what she claimed to be.

The Marion Incident (May 2006) The 1860s were a turning point for the young SDA Church. The "visions" were being pushed as a test of fellowship. Everywhere discontent over the visions was seething under the surface. That discontent exploded into open rebellion at Marion, Iowa. That rebellion must be crushed. The Whites had everything to gain, and everything to lose.

The Sanctuary Doctrine - Asset or Liability? (May 2006) Dr. Cottrell's final article on the subject of the sanctuary and Daniel 8:14.

The 2300-day Foundation. (Feb. 2006) Professor Rancaño provides irrefutable evidence that the 2300 days could not possibly have started in the autumn of 457 BC as claimed by Ellen White.

King Jareb and Nineveh (Jan. 2006) Professor Rancaño adds to the mounting evidence that Mrs. White's writings contradict the Bible.

Shut Door Fanaticism (Jan. 2006) Are you tired of reading white-washed revisions of Adventist history? So are we! We have uncovered the real history of the early days of James and Ellen White. Written by Elder Isaac Wellcome, a man personally acquainted with the Whites, who was baptized by James in 1845.

The White Obelisk (Nov. 2005) Why is there an Egyptian obelisk on the White's burial site?

The Orion Stargate (Oct. 2005) Ellen White had visions of a gateway in the constellation of Orion. The idea of a stargate in Orion is found nowhere in Scripture, but originates in ancient heathen religions.

The Paraphrasing Prophet (Sep. 2005) Walter Rea has done it again! Although approaching 100 years of age, Elder Rea is still uncovering more evidence that Ellen White paraphrased the writings of others in virtually every book she wrote. This in spite of the fact she and James claimed her writings were the product of visons.

Is it Wrong to be Right? (Aug. 2005) The churches correctly responded to William Miller by rejecting his false message. Yet, Mrs. White said probation closed upon them because they rejected a false teaching. In effect, Mrs. White was saying, it was right to be wrong, and wrong to be right!

Confusion about Slavery (Aug. 2005) Will some slaves skip the resurrection? Did Ellen White prophesy that the institution of slavery would be reinstated in the Southern United States in the last days?

Holy Confusion! (Aug. 2005) Where is Jesus? Holy Place? Most Holy Place? Why does He keep moving? And what is Satan doing in the Holy Place?

Ellen G. White’s Writings NOT a Direct Revelation From God (May 2005) Australian administrator and Bible teacher W.W. Fletcher presents overwhelming evidence that Ellen White taught a shut door from her visions, and ever since, church leaders have been attempting to cover up the prophetic blunder.

Ellen White's Daily Confusion (May 2005) Dennis Hokama unravels the mystery behind Ellen White's understanding of the "daily", an issue that nearly split the denomination in the early 1900s.

Ellen White's Habit (May 2005) Douglas Hackleman traces Mrs. White's life-long habit of taking the ideas and words of others and making them her own.

The Plan of Redemption Confusion (Apr. 2005) What was the purpose of the meeting between Christ and the Father after the fall? Why was Mrs. White's original "vision" revised?

The Sabbath Confusion (Apr. 2005) Why did Ellen White teach the Sabbath commenced at 6 p.m. for nine years?

Hypocrisy in the Rockies (Feb. 2005) In the Colorado wilderness, Ellen White faces the temptation to eat meat. Will she act consistently with the testimonies she has written to the church?

Who Lied? Me or Them? (Nov. 2004) At least one Adventist web site is claiming Walter Rea now regrets writing The White Lie. This notarized letter will set the record straight for all time.

The Sealing Confusion (Nov. 2004) In 1849 Ellen White saw that the sealing time was underway and angels were sealing the righteous. However, 62 years later, she tells the world the sealing time is yet future. How could it be? Were her first visions wrong?

SDA Sanctuary Teaching Examined (June 2004) Edward Ballenger examines the SDA sanctuary doctrine from every possible angle, showing its fallacies and how it contradicts the Bible. Originally published as a 48-page booklet in 1937. A must read for any SDA who still believes in the SDA sanctuary teaching.

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