Sources of Her Health Writings

Was it God? Or Dr. Jackson?--Why are Ellen White's health reforms so similar to those of Dr. Jackson of the Dansville Health Clinic?

Was Ellen White really ahead of her time?--Discover the health reforms being promoted by Christians prior to Ellen White. Note the amazing similarities!

Plagiarism of Health Writings--Examine some of the sources Mrs. White used in her Testimonies and writings on health.

Ellen G. White and Dio Lewis, M.D. -- Comparative Statements An examination of Dr. Lewis' book, Weak Lungs and How to Make Them Strong, in comparison with the writings of Mrs. White.

Falsehoods in Her Health Writings

Modern Medicine Proves White Wrong--Defenders of Ellen White admit she copied many of her health writings. But they claim God told her what to copy and what to leave out. In that case, why was she wrong about some of her health reforms?

Health Dangers of Self Abuse These absurd "testimonies" contradict both science and common sense. (Adults Only)

Health Dangers of Marital Excess (Adults Only)

Phrenology and Mrs. White What is phrenology? What was Mrs. White's involvement in phrenology?

Mad Cows or Mad Prophet? In 1896 Ellen White said that in a "short time" meat, milk, and all animal products would become so unsafe, Adventists would stop using them. Has that time arrived? Or was this just another failed prediction?

A Nobel Prize for Mrs. White? Does Mrs. White deserve a Nobel Prize for pin-pointing the cause of cancer?

Mrs. White's Health Problems

Physician's review of Ellen White's Head Injury - A very extensive, thoroughly researched article. Presents significant medical evidence on the cause of Mrs. White's hallucinations. (This article is most frequently sited by our visitors as being the best article on this web site)

Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures? Dr. Delbert Hodder discovers an "astonishing" similarity between Mrs. White's "visions" and "partial-complex" seizures. Other head-injury victims exhibit many of the same characteristics as Ellen White, including hallucinations that frequently have religious overtones.

Abstract - Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures? Abstract presented by Dr. Delbert Hodder and Dr. Gregory Holmes at the 1981 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

The Mind of Ellen White - Psychologist Dr. Janet Numbers and Historian Dr. Ronald Numbers evaluate the evidence of psychological problems in Mrs. White's private and public life.

Research into Mrs. White's medical condition by D.M. Canright. Includes surprising statements from Mrs. White herself, a statement from an SDA physician familiar with her case, and plenty of medical documentation.

Ellen White's medical condition by Walter Rea. Fully documented.

The Ailing Health Instructor Would you trust a health instructor who was often ill, and did not even follow her own instructions? This article exposes the sickening truth about Ellen White's health.

M.G. Kellogg, M.D., Statement on Mrs. White's Health A statement on Mrs. White's health by an SDA physician

Modern definitions of Medical problems Mrs. White possibly suffered from:

Online Books about Health

Beware this Cult! Dr. Gregory Hunt examines Mrs. White's health teachings. If you are an SDA who is easily offended, beware this book!

Ministry of Healing--Mrs. White's premier book on health reform