Visions Examined

Visions Explained What caused Ellen White's visions? Why did they drop in frequency during the 1860s and stop altogether in the 1870s?

Eyewitness Accounts Statements from a number of eyewitnesses who observed Mrs. White in vision. Includes Joseph Bates, Isaac Wellcome (an Adventist minister), Lucinda Burdick (a minister's wife), and more.

The Heavy Bible One popular Adventist legend is that Mrs. White used supernatural strength to loft a heavy Bible above her head for a long period of time while in vision. What is the truth about this story?

The Salmananca Vision - This vision has been touted as evidence of Ellen White's prophetic foreknowledge. But what is the truth? A lengthy, in-depth scholarly study of the source documents, circumstances and events surrounding the Salmananca vision.

The Avondale Furrow Tale - The Avondale furrow has been cited as a prime example of how God worked through Mrs. White to guide the SDA Church. What are the true facts in this case?

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 - Did Ellen White predict this earthquake? What about the destruction of Oakland? What about the predicted destruction of New York City by fire? Did this ever happen?

Other Visionaries - A fascinating study into the many other visionists who claimed to receive visions during Ellen White's era. Examine the similarities in manifestations and message.

Kindred Prophetess - Interesting similarities between the prophetess Ellen G. White and prophetess Maria B. Woodworth-Etter are examined.

How Did She Know? Who told Ellen White the secret sins of others? How did she know about things happening in America when she was in Australia? Was there a supernatural agency at work? Or did she have other sources for her information?

Civil War Predictions Do Mrs. White's statements about the Civil War prove she was a prophet of God? Do they contain any insight that was not readily available to everyone else?

Mrs. White's Medical Condition


Physician's review of Ellen White's Head Injury - A very extensive, thoroughly researched article by a leading SDA physician. Presents significant medical evidence. This is a must-read article for every SDA.

Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures By Delbert H. Hodder, M.D. Shows there is an astonishing similarity between Mrs. White's "visions" and a type of seizure called "psychomotor" or "partial-complex" seizure. (Evangelica, Nov. 1981).

Visions or Partial-Complex Seizures? Abstract presented by Dr. Delbert Hodder and Dr. Gregory Holmes at the 1981 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

The Mind of Ellen White - Psychologist Dr. Janet Numbers and Historian Dr. Ronald Numbers evaluate the evidence of psychological problems in Mrs. White's private and public life.

Research into Mrs. White's medical condition by D.M. Canright. Includes surprising statements from Mrs. White herself, a statement from an SDA physician familiar with her case, and plenty of medical documentation.

Ellen White's medical condition as described by Walter Rea in The White Lie. As with all of Elder Rea's work, this information is fully documented and explained in Elder Rea's distinctive style.

Modern definitions of Medical problems Mrs. White possibly suffered from:

Prophets and Visions in the Bible - A comprehensive list of Bible verses dealing with prophets and visions.